United Soils Management Limited
has a long history in the management of excess soils.

We've been providing our clients with responsible solutions for forty plus years.  Adhering to the strictest standards has allowed us to be a top industry leader for large scale and individual ventures, throughout the Golden Horseshoe.  Southern Ontario has become a hub for intensification, which has generated tonnes upon tonnes of excess soils.  With this growing need, we took our wealth of knowledge and expertise and opened our doors to provide the construction industry with a trustworthy system to enhance their projects and timelines.  In 2007 we began receiving approved materials at our Whitchurch Stouffville location, which is conveniently located just east of the 404 highway.  This stretch of roadway is easily accessible from numerous regions and is interconnected to the 400 series of highways.

United Soils - About Us

As we grew, we knew it  was essential to transcend to the next level.  This is when we began the framework of applying to become a licensed clean fill facility.  Through this process we worked with the best of the best and put in countless hours, ultimately authorizing United Soils Management as Ontario's first and only licensed clean fill site.  Additionally we expanded our outfit to allow acceptable fill from Hydrovac trucks and small source operators; opening up safe disposal and economical ways for companies of all sizes.

Safety and our environment have always been the leading focus for Team United.   We have implemented stringent processes and procedures which have established a safeguard structure that our clients depend on.  We work hand in hand with our municipality, and several provincial Ministries, who help govern our industry.  We regularly participate at industry events, conferences and round tables, where we are given an opportunity to complement our peers with our vast skill set and insight.  As we continue to operate we will always strive to do our best and give our best.  When it comes to smart soil solutions, count on USM to get the job done.

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6043 Main St.
Stouffville, ON
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