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Excess soils are generated through various companies and outfits all over Ontario and beyond.  These operations vary from deep excavation to customized work, where every detail counts.  Either way, soils are generated and need to be disposed of in a manor that is safe and regulated.  Our unique system has been specifically designed with both elements in mind.  Leaving our clients with a practical and responsible option.

Our client database is vast to say the least.  We work with many larger scale companies who represent both the public and private sectors.  These highly skilled teams are responsible for the better part of the GTA's development and an endless array of other custom projects.  From office towers, to underground parking structures to plazas and full force housing development projects.  We've seen it all and look forward to serving this industry for many years to come.

2016 brought forth a new opportunity here at United, we were granted the allowance to receive approved materials from Hydrovac Trucks.  This industry has quickly grown in the last decade and we couldn't be prouder to be able to work alongside these great professionals.  This expansion also opened a gateway to an industry known as small source.  Don't underestimate the term, as these companies generate large quantities of excess soils and have often struggled to find prudent methods for disposal.  This new extension has helped a multitude of business owners including landscapers, pool contractors as well as independent excavators.  We couldn't be more pleased to help bridge this gap.

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